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From the President
Leslie Kenney,
B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Leslie Kenney

Leslie Kenney, B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Like many of you, I was shocked when our Executive Vice-President (EVP), Anne Policastri, announced that she had accepted employment with ASHP. I needed to know exactly what that meant. In short, it meant that she was leaving the University of Kentucky and that she could no longer serve as the KSHP EVP. And, her job depends upon her living in Bethesda, Maryland. I was speechless. How could she make such a decision to leave Kentucky? We all know that she truly bleeds blue! But, on a serious note, Anne s a consummate professional and colleague, as well as a tireless advocate for pharmacists and pharmacy.  Her many roles and responsibilities for KSHP are simply too numerous and substantive to recount. How will KSHP survive the departure of Anne?

As the shock wore away, I came to realize that Anne is doing exactly what many of us have done. She’s moving on to an opportunity to broaden her profession and life experiences. In her new role at

ASHP, the reach to impact our profession will be even greater than she possesses now. I am somewhat awestruck with Anne’s courage to make this decision. It is truly one of faith and promise.

Likewise, with Anne’s departure, each KSHP member has an opportunity to broaden his/her professional and personal experiences. Each of us might embrace this moment to impact others in new ways. Some of us might really step outside our comfort zone to make a decision of faith and promise. Now is a time for us to collect our talents and transform KSHP into a member-led organization.

The Executive Board and full Board, with assistance from our management company (AEC), are well into revamping the hierarchy and transitioning Anne’s responsibilities. The Board members, House of Delegates and committee chairs have been responsive to the call for increased and/or different accountabilities. In fact, most are filled with optimism for the opportunity to serve.

For each individual member, I want to assure you that during this very dynamic period KSHP is in capable hands. The KSHP Executive Officers and Executive Board are committed to a seamless transition.

A seamless transition means that the Spring and Fall meetings are being planned and executed; ASHP and KSHP House of Delegates are convening to address and act on important professional issues, and all KSHP committees continue to make progress on our strategic plan initiatives. I will keep the membership updated through e-mail about every 3-4 weeks with the first official transition plan communication in early March.

I expect that we will encounter challenges as we make progress toward being a member-led organization. It is my promise to each of you to communicate clearly our organization’s path. I will outline how change is to be implemented and provide you with necessary information so that you can remain abreast of the steady progress of this evolution. The support of each member will be vital. I am available to address your concerns and ideas.

While it is true that Anne is irreplaceable, it is equally true that KSHP can transcend Anne’s departure by building on her legacy of service and dedication. I have often said to the membership, “if everyone does a little, then no one has to do a lot”. Everyone plays a role in the new member-led and member-driven KSHP!

Thank you,