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From the President
Leslie Kenney,
B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Leslie Kenney

Leslie Kenney, B.S. Pharm, BCPS

I wonder how many of you know what the ASHP Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) is. I expect that many of you do know about it. But, I don’t think that many of us give this initiative the attention it deserves. The KSHP Committee on Pharmacy Practice is finalizing a grant application that, if awarded, will provide our Society with vital resources to prioritize implementation of PAI across the state. Let me refresh your memory about why this initiative is so fundamental to health-system pharmacists.

The Practice Advancement Initiative is sponsored by ASHP and the ASHP Research and Education Foundation. The goal of the initiative is to significantly advance the health and well-being of patients by supporting futuristic practice models that support the most effective use of pharmacists as direct patient care providers. The Hospital Self-
Assessment tool is designed to assess a hospital or health system’s alignment with the PAI consensus recommendations. Pharmacies and pharmacists can use the results of the self-assessment to create an action plan to improve pharmacy practice. As well, an Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment tool exists applicable for practitioners in all outpatient pharmacy practice settings.

KSHP’s role in PAI could be to serve as a conduit for communication and education and to mobilize resources for supporting efficient change more broadly. Similarly, KSHP could strategically plan to assist our members by incorporating assessed needs into KSHP committee work. Additionally, KSHP should connect practice advancement activities to our advocacy efforts, especially those related to our legislative priorities.

Perhaps the greatest barrier KSHP faces in fulfilling its role in PAI is the poor completion rate of the selfassessment tool(s). Without the collective results of the selfassessment tool(s), KSHP struggles to impact the need for change in meaningful ways. For example, at our fall and spring meetings, programming is often provided that is requested by our members and addresses key elements of PAI. However, as a Society or State of Kentucky, we fail to  move the needle of change. Obtaining a collective measure of need in Kentucky could be achieved if all hospitals completed the Hospital Self-Assessment tool. The collective measure could be used by KSHP to leverage limited resources in ways that address common or prioritized needs.

While I recognize the obvious barriers of time and perceived benefit for completing the selfassessment tool(s), I hope to convince a diverse group of practice leaders and engaged practitioners to partner with KSHP toward a unified goal to complete the PAI self-assessment tool(s). Then, a comprehensive plan can be generated to assist our members and our Society to move the needle of change. Transforming practice in ways that serve our patients ultimately serves us and our profession. KSHP wants to be part of the practice advancement initiative, but we need your help! There will be more to come as we learn about the grant award and explore ways to incorporate PAI objectives into the work of our Society.

Thank you,