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2015 Fall Meeting
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From the President
Michelle DeLuca Fraley, PharmD

Stephanie Sutphin

Thank you to all who were able to participate in the KSHP Spring Meeting this past May!  It was a huge success.  I would like to share with all the members the work that your KSHP Board of Directors completed the day prior to the meeting.

ASHP Affiliate Relations Representative, Kimberlee Berry, joined us on Thursday May 7th for a strategic planning session.  Based on the responses from the membership surveys, the Board of Directors discussed the results and established focus areas that you as members felt to be of value.  Further, we generated thoughts on how to best provide these things you valued.  With Kimberlee's help and guidance we have developed a strategic plan in alignment with ASHP's strategic plan.  The Board will review this document at each board meeting to assess progress and discuss any required updates.

As we begin to work on achieving our goals we will be charging our committee's and delegates to lead or facilitate execution of each of the line items within the plan.  Currently we are in the process of delegating responsibilities, so look for opportunities to participate in capacities that you are able.

This document will be available to the membership once finalized and approved.  Look for more information throughout the summer months and for our Strategic Plan toward the end of the summer.  Our next Executive Officer's meeting is on June 16th at 2:00 PM.  Our next Board of Directors meeting is on July 21st at 2:00 PM. Please forward any concerns, suggestions, or requests you would like the Board to address by July 12th to me at