The Kentucky Society of Health-System Pharmacists (KSHP) is the membership organization that works on behalf of pharmacists in Kentucky who practice in hospitals and health systems. For 53 years, we have been on the forefront of efforts to improve medication use and enhance patient safety. Our advocacy efforts, publications, and educational offerings are designed to advance your practice as you improve patient care. If you haven't already please JOIN us in our efforts!

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From the President
Leslie Kenney,
B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Stephanie Sutphin

Leslie Kenney, B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Hello KSHP!

Last year, I wrote an article for the
newsletter as your newly installed President.
Today, I write this article, filled with gratitude,
because I get to continue to serve as your
President. During this past year, the majority
of my communications with our members
has focused on service. I remain committed
to energizing our organization toward
advocacy, specifically professional
advocacy. I often call upon our members to
demonstrate a “call to action”. I’d like to
share some of the accomplishments of our
members during my first year as your
1. Board meetings continue to be quite
productive. At the October Board meeting,
we drafted a revision of our Society’s
Bylaws making them more contemporary
and aligned to our current mission. As well,
we refined the 2017 strategic plan and set a
course to prioritize the strategic plan as the
defining work template for the Board, our
committees and the House of Delegates.
Lastly, we approved the 2018 budget. None
of this work was a small feat, and all of it
represents a committed “call to action”.
2. Another relevant example that answered
our “call to action” was the work completed
toward a handful of important legislative
initiatives. In collaboration with numerous
colleagues, KSHP assisted the KY Board of
Pharmacy with two important regulations -
201 KAR 2:076 (Compounding) and 201
KAR 2:380 (Board Authorized Protocols).
Both regulations required separate special
hearings. KY Board of Pharmacy President
Scott Greenwell commented that not
anytime during his tenure has the Board had
to convene a special hearing, much less two
special hearings. Your KSHP leadership
presented at both of these special hearings,
as well as all meetings leading up to them.
On the horizon is the implementation of USP
800; KSHP is represented well on the KY
Board of Pharmacy’s USP 800 Taskforce.
Today, we know that USP 800
implementation has been delayed, so we
don't know what that means for the KY
Taskforce. But, rest easy knowing that
KSHP is attentive to any movement related
to USP 800. Our Public Policy Committee
continues to thoughtfully represent the best
interests of our patients and our Society by
protecting and advocating for opportunities
to practice pharmacy fully within the scope
of our training.
3. Our Pharmacy Practice Committee
placed the final touches on a grant
application to explore opportunities to further
promote the expansion of the Pharmacy
Advancement Initiative in the state of
Kentucky. The Programming Committee
delivered unparalleled Spring and Fall
meetings with diverse and relevant topics and speakers. The Membership Committee
continues to seek innovative ways to
improve the membership experience. The
Awards Committee is piloting a new
template for storage and retrieval of
information from our Society’s webpage.
Many other examples could be included that
represents a “call to action”.
I like to share these stories of
accomplishment for two reasons. First, I like
to recognize the strong work of our
members. This body of work serves as a
tangible example of the end product of effort
and collaboration. Second, I hope to inspire
each of you to consider volunteering your
efforts and skills to the work of our Society.
There is no effort or talent that is too small.
In many of my newsletter articles or
webpage addresses, I discuss the value of
KSHP. I would like to reiterate those
sentiments. As I become more involved with
the work of KSHP and engage with you and
other stakeholders, I am convinced more
than ever of the unique value of KSHP.
KSHP affords each of us a variety of
opportunities to participate in professional
endeavors across a wide array of
challenging and interesting projects that
demonstrate a commitment to professional
advocacy as well as grow a pharmacist’s
knowledge and skill sets.
I would like for each of you to look beyond
what KSHP brings to you an individual and
consider the role that KSHP serves for us
collectively. Last year, in my concluding
sentences of the New President’s address, I
stated that the stretch goal during my
Presidency would be that more members
have accepted the “call to action”. I truly
believe that we have achieved that goal.
And, I believe that we should maintain this
goal moving into 2018.I hope all of you can
accept the “call to action” by shifting your
personal paradigm for commitment. No act
of volunteerism is too small. Together, we
are greater than the sum of our individual

Thank you,