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Thursday, October 12 - Friday, October 13, 2017
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From the President
Leslie Kenney,
B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Stephanie Sutphin

Leslie Kenney, B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Hello KSHP!

Winter has turned to spring, finally.  Warmer weather and longer days promote growth and productivity.  This predictable cycle occurs at KSHP too.  The activities of winter such as the legislative session and our membership drive give way to the Spring Meeting and strategic planning session.  The Programming Committee created an innovative and informative agenda for the Spring Meeting. Registration is open and this webpage provides all the information and links for your convenience. Strategic Planning occurs in conjunction with the Spring Meeting, and all members wishing to participate should contact me. Lastly, spring is quite a dynamic time for all of our resident and student members. Many of them are winding down and embarking on another year of training. Some are preparing for their first real job as a pharmacist. Spring is definitely a time of progress and new beginnings.

Venturing forward in a new way probably resonates with most members. For me, I have come to a new approach when I am asked any number of questions that echoes, “What is the value of KSHP”. The answer to this question can be varied and quite personal for each of us. All of us measure value differently. Frankly, I have a solid list of reasons that I can draw from to tailor my answer in hopes of convincing the colleague asking my opinion. However, during my first months as your President, I have come to think differently about the value of being a KSHP member. 

Something I have come to value is the diligent work of a few that serves the greater interests for many.  For example, all officers, committee chairs, and members are volunteers. KSHP is literally held up and propelled forward on effort.  KSHP is inclusive and thrives on the energy of its initiatives. In other words, the more work we do, the more energy we possess. I see passions realized and relationships forged.  I notice the exponential progress of our work when we collaborate. In many ways, KSHP aligns to the definition of a service organization. It is dedicated to the general welfare of its members and the community. KSHP exists not only to serve the needs of its members but also so its members can serve.

When we shift focus from “what does KSHP do for me” to “what does KSHP do for us”, the value of KSHP should be evident.  KSHP’s mission is “to assist its members in the provision of pharmaceutical care in organized health care settings throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky”.  Our diverse and active committees along with the direction of the House of Delegates and Board ensure that the mission is carried out.  Consider further, with a greater shift of focus toward “how can I help KSHP achieve its mission”, the value of KSHP is truly realized. 

It has been during my first months of presidency that I have come to know a deeper value of KSHP. KSHP offers each of us the opportunity to serve our colleagues and the profession by giving of our talents toward professional endeavors. KSHP provides us a venue to pursue professional advocacy.  Professional advocacy, in its purest form, requires that we look beyond the bedside.  It requires that we work collaboratively to promote and make progress on behalf of our profession. KSHP affords a wide variety of opportunities for pharmacists to contribute in this capacity.

So, my new answer to anyone that questions the value of KSHP begins like this…”Of our members that derive the most value, many are involved in fulfilling our mission.  How might you like to be involved?”  I no longer try to convince colleagues to join KSHP; I try to convince them to be active in KSHP. I hope to inspire my colleagues to join, become involved, or delve deeper into KSHP to enjoy the personal and professional satisfaction of working toward common goals.

Thank you.