The Kentucky Society of Health-System Pharmacists (KSHP) is the membership organization that works on behalf of pharmacists in Kentucky who practice in hospitals and health systems. For 53 years, we have been on the forefront of efforts to improve medication use and enhance patient safety. Our advocacy efforts, publications, and educational offerings are designed to advance your practice as you improve patient care. If you haven't already please JOIN us in our efforts!

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From the President
Leslie Kenney,
B.S. Pharm, BCPS

Leslie Kenney

Leslie Kenney, B.S. Pharm, BCPS

I expect that you are wondering about the
transition of KSHP toward a member-led organization with the departure of our Executive Vice-President. Let me assure
you that the KSHP leadership and our membership have no lack of knowledge, ability or effort. I believe that our greatest challenges include how to harness our talents. Each of us tends to work on our KSHP responsibilities or tasks as our schedules permit. So, maintaining a collective momentum and effective communication can be problematic. I imagine that most volunteer organizations experience similar obstacles. However, the KSHP Board recognizes the need for proactive strategies to address these issues. The Board is building consistency and natural momentum into its routine
responsibilities by the following:

1. Both the Board and Executive Board have monthly meetings vs. every other month meetings. Each of the Board Directors has taken on the oversight of a specific committee to improve communication between our committees and the Board. Likewise, each committee has a scheduled monthly meeting to maintain progress on KSHP initiatives.

2. A standard format for Board and committee reports has been implemented. This simple step improves the efficiency and communication of our efforts.

3. All committees and both Boards are using the KSHP webpage as a warehouse of organization business and documents. Optimizing the members’ sections of the webpage should improve the ready access of information and transparency for our members.

4. The KSHP House of Delegates is exploring innovative ways to extend KSHP’s reach across the state of Kentucky. Each delegate is considering how to improve our educational and advocacy efforts regionally.

5. The newsletter will continue to deliver relevant communication regarding the work of KSHP. A renewed emphasis on social media posts will serve to keep our members connected with short blasts of timely information.
Maintaining momentum and delivering effective communication is a work in progress. I encourage all  members to take a moment to notice our subtle but noticeable progress. I want you to re-explore the
webpage and notice the meaningful additions like the updated KSHP organizational chart and our new Master

I encourage all members to attend the Spring Meeting at Keeneland on May 11th. I think you will find consistently excellent programming as well as fun and engaging opportunities for networking. I encourage all members to reach out to other members and our colleagues to expand your individual professional growth as well as advance the initiatives of KSHP.

Stay tuned for more progress over the next year. While change can be uncomfortable, it is the nexus for improvement. I think you will find the KSHP is on a path of dynamic change demonstrating a commitment to our members, the pharmacy profession, and the patients and communities that we serve.

Thank you,