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From the President
Michelle DeLuca Fraley, PharmD

Stephanie Sutphin

I start my year leading you forward by taking a look back at my campaign statement.

I am a visionary and a believer.  While my ideas sometimes are grandiose, I believe with teamwork and a positive attitude anything is possible.  As pharmacists we agree that interdisciplinary patient care provides optimal outcomes.  Wouldn’t you agree that an intra-disciplinary team would provide an optimal advantage for alignment with the current and future pharmacy practice initiative?  I see our KSHP membership as just such a team. I believe we have already begun to position ourselves as a model organization. 

I was just telling the incoming PY1 students something similar. Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at the "White Coat” ceremony on the following tenant from the Pledge of Professionalism. 

 "FOSTER professional competency through life-long learning. I must strive for high ideals, teamwork and unity within the profession in order to provide optimal patient care.”

Many of us here were not as lucky as today’s students to receive our white coat in any kind of formal ceremony.  In fact I think I ordered mine from the medical bookstore, which is now an empty lot next to the new parking garage, and received it in a plastic bag. I’ll be honest this was my first time attending this ceremony. It really is a piece of art.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the importance placed on things going just right with the sole purpose of honoring and welcoming each student into our profession.  Each one was introduced by full name and hometown and then "coated” by select faculty of the college.  Each had their picture taken with the Dean and signed the book of Professionalism. Truly amazing!  I felt so proud, like a parent proud, to be there to witness this group of students start their "professional” life. 

I would like to share with you a few of the things I shared with the Class of 2018 as they pertain to us as pharmacists, an association and a profession.  As I look back over the past 17 years since I sat in that PY1 chair, I notice many changes.  Change not just in pharmacy, but healthcare and education alike.  I expressed to them the significance of that "white coat” and from the first time they put it on they are professionals. It is their responsibility to learn their chosen trade and maintain competency throughout their life.  And they agree to that by stating the pledge.

What does this have to do with us?  In order for them to have the opportunities and resources necessary to accomplish this it is our responsibility as practitioners to maintain competency and share our experience.  All of our stories began with the same premise, to help, to care for, "to provide optimal patient care”.