Mike Anderson, 2007
Paul Allen, 2012
John Armitstead, 2008
Debbie Bahr, 2003
Greg Bausch, 2006
Christopher Betz, 2013
John Burke, 2003
Janet Cline, 2003
Ginny Creasman, 2007
Joan Haltom, 2009
Christine Holtman, 2004
Donna Howell-Smith, 2002
Cliff Hynniman, 2002
Martha King, 2002
Robert Kuhn, 2001
Don Kupper, 2006
Ed Leist, 2005
Paul Mangino, 2004
Craig Martin, 2013
Mike Mills, 2010
Bob Oakley, 2007
Herb Pettit, 2015
John Piecoro, 2005
Anne Policastri, 2005
Catherine Shely, 2011
Laura Stone, 2004
Durran Taylor, 2011
Brian Yarberry, 2015
Aaron Cook, 2017
Marintha Short, 2017

Know someone who should be a KSHP Fellow?

To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must be a current practitioner member of KSHP and have sustained membership for at least ten years, have a record of outstanding service to the profession through active involvement in KSHP, and at least ten years of professional experience and achievements in hospital and health-system pharmacy from the time of licensure. Current members of the KSHP Board of Directors and members of the Awards and Recognition committee are not eligible for nomination.

If you are interested in nominating someone as a Fellow please use this form.