House of Delegates

The House of Delegates functions as a body representing the professional needs and interests of the membership in the area from which they are elected as a Delegate of Record. It is expected that delegates will be responsible for regular communication with the membership and the Chairman of the House of Delegates as a liaison to the Society, in addition to participation in Review Days. The actions of the House of Delegates in supporting their responsibilities to the membership, committees, and the Board of Directors may vary depending on the priorities and objectives of the Society as established by the Board of Directors.

Delegate responsibilities are summarized as follows:

  • 3-year term of office.
  • Moderate commitment level; most intense during preparation for annual Review Days.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Participate in monthly meetings via teleconference
    • Reviews all documents and business conducted by the Society on an annual basis (Review Days)
    • Authority to make Society professional policy decisions
    • Authority to make recommendations to the Board of Directors
    • Regional responsibility for membership drive and education needs assessment
  • Desired skill set:
    • Knowledge of KSHP structure and function
    • Good understanding of pharmacy patient and professional advocacy
    • Desire to improve state networking foundation

 Boothe, Kimber  Chair  203-970-1568  Fall 2018-Fall 2019
Thompson, Charla  Eastern Ky  606-434-4005  Spring 2018-Spring 2021
 Preston, Kristen  Eastern Ky  606-794-6012  Spring 2018-Spring 2021
 Flynn, Kimberly  Lexington  540-247-8700  Spring 2018-Spring 2021
 Owen, Chelsea  Lexington  502-593-8195  Through Spring 2019
 English, Dale  Louisville  502-413-8657  Spring 2018-Spring 2021
 Malcom, Daniel  Louisville  502- 413-8969  Spring 2018-Spring 2021
 Cornell, Brett  Louisville  502-589-8380  Spring 2016-Spring 2019
 Conliffe, Brette  New Practitioner  502-561-4575  Spring 2017-Spring 2020
 McCoy, Amanda  Northern Ky  859-496-2163  Spring 2016-Spring 2019
 Castle, Marilin  Northern Ky  859-753-7879  Through Spring 2019
 Haltom, Joan  Past President  859-229-8414  Spring 2018-Spring 2021
 Oakley, Bob  Past President  502-339-0423  Spring 2016-Spring 2019
 Hite, Kimberly  University of KY COP  859-257-8414  Spring 2016-Spring 2019
 Elder, Kimberly  Sullivan University COP  502-797-5845  Spring 2016-Spring 2019
 Conway, Katherine  Western Ky  502-377-4909  Spring 2016-Spring 2019
 Higgs, Kristan  Western Ky  270-417-5956  Spring 2017-Spring 2020